About Movie:
The first major animated co-production between studios in Mexico and America, this comedy follows the carefree Mexican pre-teen parrot, Cuco, as he journeys to Hollywood to enlist the aid of his hero to help his father, Gayo, and protect his circus family from the threat of Martin Kingfisher.

Director: Ricardo Arnaiz, Mike Kunkel, Raul Garcia
Production Company: Animex Producciones, Anáhuac Films, Olmos Productions, Phil Roman Entertainment
Distributor: Freestyle Releasing
Technique: CG
Voice Cast: Rico Rodriguez, Edward James Olmos, Argelia Atilano, Cheech Marin, Kate del Castillo, Paul Rodriguez, K. C. Porter, Erik Estrada, Adal Ramones, Gabriel Iglesias, Don Cheto, Hector Suarez, Lisa Kudrow, Pierre Angelo


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